IBC Liner

Super-tough Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) liners for transportation and storage of liquids.

IBC Liner

Made from a range of barrier and non-barrier polymers, the Sealed Air Entapack selection of super-tough multi-layer Liner Bag range in size from 500 to 1500 litres in capacity. They are designed to fit most of the IBC units that are now internationally available either on a rental or direct purchase basis.

The Liner Bags are one way plastic liners. Once the product is discharged the liner is removed from the IBC and disposed. The cost of the liner is significantly less costly than cleaning a re-useable container. There is also no possibility of cross product contamination.

Top Fill, Bottom Empty

The standard Liner Bag is complete with a 2-inch BSP Co-moulded Durogland fill spout and a 2-inch BSP discharge spout. The discharge spout is complete with membrane and a disposable perforator.

Different Liners for Different Applications

Sealed Air Entapack manufactures a range of Liner Bags for specific requirements as well as various sizes and material grades for individual liquids. The Liner Bags are used for applications as diverse as chemicals, detergents, adhesives, sweetened condensed milk fruit juices, ink, oil, wine and water.

Specific Features

  • Barrier and Non Barrier construction
  • Food contact approved
  • Can be sterilised using Gamma Irradiation
  • Various sizes fill and discharge spouts to 3-inch BSP
  • Pillow and shaped construction
  • Horizontal or vertical fill options

The Liner for Your IBC

IBC Unit Liner Bag Specification
  Standard liner Barrier Liner
Chep Pallecon/Sumisho Maxicon EB-125 EB-103
Multipac R-1000 EB-160 EB-718
Caddee EB-8952 EB-867
Goodpack EB-172 --
Milford 1000L EB-101 EB-103

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External thread 2 inch BSP discharge gland
External thread 2 inch BSP discharge gland

Disposable perforator
Disposable perforator

BSP Discharge Spout
BIB Discharge Spout