Privacy statement


Entapack Pty Ltd is conscious of the privacy concerns of its clients, and with people with whom it deals. The company is committed to the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. This policy outlines how we use and manage personal information we have collected.

Use of Information.

We collect most information direct from our clients / associates. This information is used to determine the level of service to satisfy their requirements and such things as credit worthiness, internal accounting and administration use.

This information is also used to allow us to inform clients / associates of other services we provide either verbally, by mail, electronically or other means.

Disclosure of Information.

We will pass information on to another party when:

  • we are able to help a client in our professional capacity and know the other organisation that can assist or can be assisted by the client.
  • providing project / product references to existing and potential clients.
  • requesting and giving credit references.
  • we may also use client information for any other purpose connected with a commercial enterprise where it is reasonably expected to use or disclosure personal information.

Management and Security of Information.

Most personal information is kept in a computer database or specific client / associates file. Access is restricted to those who need this information to process / provide clients and associates with services. Computer and network security is maintained to prevent unauthorized access.

Entapack employees sign a confidentially agreement requiring them to adhere to company policy on use and access of client information.

Access to personal information.

All requests for access to personal information must be made in writing to the Administration Manager of the company. The request should state, the information required and the reason for the request. The company will respond within a reasonable time.

Dispute about Personal Information.

If clients / associates believe that privacy of information has been compromised. Complaints should be directed in writing to:

Entapack Pty Ltd
Advantage Drive Dandenong
Victoria 3175