Aseptic Packaging

The range of Sealed Air Entapack aseptic packaging has been developed to suit most aseptic filling systems in current use in the size range of 3 to 1500 litres in capacity. Sealed Air Entapack aseptic packaging is used for a diverse range of products ranging from dairy products and fruit products to both diced and paste tomato products.

Our aseptic packaging is manufactured from a range of tough inner layers of FDA approved Polyethylene blends and outer barrier layers ranging from Evoh Co- Extrusions, Metallised laminates and Nylon/ Aluminium foil laminates.

The barrier layer of the package is to protect the product from exposure to light and oxygen ingress both of which can lead to rapid deterioration of product colour. The inner layers of blended Polyethylene are to ensure package strength and resistance to flex damage for less viscous products.

Our aseptic bags are supplied in a tough outer carton designed to resist transport damage and sterilised using the Gamma Irradiation process to the required dose for the intended application.

Different Liners for Different Applications

An example of standard liners for various types of equipment is detailed below. In addition to this standard range, aseptic liners are also made to customer's specification.

Spout Type Bag Specification
  200 litre Liners 1000 litre Liners
1 inch Elpo EB-281 EB-109
1 inch "A" Cap EB-255 EB-110
2 inch "A" Plug EB-296 EB-139
Intasept EB-607 EB-179
FranRica EB-218 EB-123

The names, Elpo, Intasept and FranRica are trade marks owned by others.

Fitments used for Aseptic Filling

1 inch Short 'A' Cap
1 inch Short 'A' Cap

1 inch Tall 'A' Cap
1 inch Tall 'A' Cap

2 & 3 inch FranRica Gland

2 inch "A" Cap

1 inch Elpo